Current Puppy Litters:

As of 8-25-2023 there are 22 deposits waiting. I sought help for my no puppy issue from Alaska Equine and Small Animal Clinic. Dr.’s Joe & Julie Grohs and their amazing staff found that my girls had some doggie cooties and also that Beckett is still daddy dog material! So I have bred four litters; Beckett is the daddy for two of them and ”Sonny” who belongs to the Groh’s is the daddy for the other two litters. All 4 girls came into season about the same time with puppies being due in October. All 4 girls will receive ultrasounds on 9-1-23 and I will update this site.

Ultrasounds September 1st and 8th. Sparkles 4 puppies, Annie 2 puppies, Lily and Ester not pregnant and will be bred again via a  surgical method next heat in about 3 months. 

None currently. Check out our upcoming litters!