Upcoming Puppy Litters:

10-30.23 UPDATE: If you have paid a deposit, please send me an email with an updated mailing address so it can be returned.

10-16-23 UPDATE;  Last week Sparkles had 4 puppies; 2 died within 2 days and the other two are still less than a pound, fighting for their lives and are bottle fed every 2-3 hours.  Annie had one male puppy who is doing well.

For the last two years, I have had no puppies or very few puppies from my breeding’s, so I took my four females to a breeding specialist where we did many very expensive tests, administered antibiotics and bred them using high tech procedures and timing.  And so, about 10K later, I am now up all hours of the night feeding puppies and quite sleep deprived and broke.  After some soul searching, I decided to shut down my kennel.  I can’t continue this; time or money wise. I will be returning all deposits.  Sparkles, Ester, and Lily are looking for forever homes.  I will breed Annie her next heat to Beckett and hope for one puppy.

I have a young group of one boy and three girls who will be turning two starting February 2024 and I can proceed with their hip & eye certs amongst others.  I will hope they will pass and then be breed able and hope for normal size litters without huge expense. But, I don’t want to keep folks waiting forever for a puppy and I know other Labs can be found.

GCH. CH. Simerdown’s Gallatin “Beckett”

X Dornschatten “Annie”:

Bred: January 2024

Due: Mid March 2024

Ready for homes: Mid May 2024





Possible litter:

Romine’s “Buddy” X Dornschatten “Reana”:

Pedigree – Coming Soon

Will be bred: February 2024 

Reana will be bred in Febrauary when she turns two if she passes her certifications.