Puppy Information

Pricing & Waitlist:

The cost of a Yellow Labrador puppy with full AKC registration is $1200*. A $200 deposit is required to be added to the waitlist, with the balance due upon picking up your puppy. The fully refundable $200 check should be made out to Pamela Hodgson and mailed to 11723 Old Glenn Hwy, Ste 210, Eagle River, AK. 99577. The payment of your deposit will put you on the waitlist. When a litter is available, the waitlist will determine the order of eligibility, with the oldest deposits getting first choice, etc. When you are eligible for a puppy from litter, you may decide to take a puppy from the current litter, or wait for a future litters. A decision for the current  litter needs to be gender specific.  Deposits are fully refundable, should your situation change.

By the time the puppies are three weeks of age, the new owners have been decided, and visitation begins for local new owners.  Generally, new owners visit once a week.  New owners choose their puppy at seven weeks of age when it is ready to go home with them.  Each new owner has  an hour with the puppies and no other new owners present to make that decision.   The number of puppies that the new owner has to choose from, depends on their order on the waiting list. For example, if there are 4 female puppies in the litter, the person with the earliest deposit that has decided on a female picks from 4 puppies.  A new owner further down the list might have a choice of 2 female puppies.  Shipping is available, but I prefer personal pick-ups so that I can meet you and you can chose your own puppy.

*2022 litters were $1000. 2023 litters were $1050.

About Dornschatten Puppies:

Dornschatten Labradors are English style AKC certified Yellow Labradors. All puppies are veterinarian checked, have first shot, wormings and declaws removed before going to their new homes at approximately 7 weeks of age. The parents are tested and certified for elbows, heart, hips, eyes and more. The puppies are guaranteed for hips and eyes.

About Dornschatten Kennels:

Founded in 1979 under the name of GNL, Dornschatten Kennels is a Serious Hobby Kennel with an emphasis on breeding the ultimate healthy, charming and handsome Labrador Retriever for lifelong companions. The bloodlines are the English type of Lab with stocky heads and CALM TEMPERAMENTS. While previously field and obedience were participated in, the current involvement is conformation shows which also judge for temperament and athletic ability. Many of the puppies I have bred have become HUNTING COMPANIONS and obedience stars, as well as conformation Champions. But the best compliment is the one that I often receive from the new owners which is that the dog is the best one they have ever had.

Additional Services:

I have one champion male available for stud service to good tempered, AKC Labrador females with certified hips and eyes. Occasionally, I also have an older puppy or dog available for a new home.

Puppy Litters:

6-10-24 UPDATE: Great news; finally have a healthy litter of 7 and they are all doing great! I had added a worming medication three years ago that I think was the problem with the fertility.

Beckett and Annie are the proud parents of 5 boys and 2 girls born 5-28-2024.  I will be e-mailing all folks with deposits waiting to see who is ready for a puppy in 6 weeks.

10-30.23 UPDATE: If you have paid a deposit, please send me an email with an updated mailing address so it can be returned.

10-16-23 UPDATE;  Last week Sparkles had 4 puppies; 2 died within 2 days and the other two are still less than a pound, fighting for their lives and are bottle fed every 2-3 hours.  Annie had one male puppy who is doing well.

For the last two years, I have had no puppies or very few puppies from my breeding’s, so I took my four females to a breeding specialist where we did many very expensive tests, administered antibiotics and bred them using high tech procedures and timing.  And so, about 10K later, I am now up all hours of the night feeding puppies and quite sleep deprived and broke.  After some soul searching, I decided to shut down my kennel.  I can’t continue this; time or money wise. I will be returning all deposits.  Sparkles, Ester, and Lily are looking for forever homes.  I will breed Annie her next heat to Beckett and hope for one puppy.

I have a young group of one boy and three girls who will be turning two starting February 2024 and I can proceed with their hip & eye certs amongst others.  I will hope they will pass and then be breed able and hope for normal size litters without huge expense. But, I don’t want to keep folks waiting forever for a puppy and I know other Labs can be found.