• Kelly Laipenieks
    He was the sweetest dog. Always up for a fire in the backyard - a bbq was even better. The life of the party at the Halloween bash. He loved getting out to watch a soccer game or tennis match. He was a puppy playmate and nursed both kids through the horrors of middle school. He loved standing by you in the river, just waiting to lick the fish that he knew was coming. When he wasn’t waiting for the fish to come in, he was diving underwater for rocks and roots. He would swim for a stick for hours. Loved jumping out of the boat before we got to land and loved jumping off the dock at Nancy Lake. He kept your feet warm as soon as you sat down. He was the first one in the RV when it was time to go. He instantly made the stress of a long day melt away as soon as you walked through the door. If you were visiting his house, he was happy to share every bone and stuffed animal he had. He was our Covid Coworker, Love-Brador, and Boat Buddy. He gave us way more than we ever gave him.
  • Bruce & Linda Baker
    Just a note from Juneau, Alaska to say how much we enjoy our 3-year old Tessa (Tessie for short). We just now sent you three photos of her. Our previous Labradors have passed away, and Tessa is doing a wonderful job of providing us with our daily Lab fix. She is a great companion and is always ready to head out the door for a "walk," a word which she also knows the spelling of. Bruce & Linda Baker
  • Chris Birch
    Dornschatten labs are great winter climbing companions. Climbed Flattop with Otto and Hatcher late last month - they are excellent trail scouts!
  • Jeremy and Emma
    Hi Pam, You asked us to share photos of Barley with you from time to time, and I think this may only be the first time in the year and a half that he’s been in our family. We love him dearly and he is such a great, well-behaved young man.
  • The Dihle Family
    Hey! I just wanted to write a testimonial so that anyone with little kids will know how great our Dory girl is with our children. We have three kiddos three years of age and under. Dory received her first human sibling when she was just 8 onths old and she has never been anything but loving to our kids. She always parks herself in the middle of the action and allows our children to climb all over her and smother her with love. She is an integral part of our family and I don't know what we would do without her. I have tons of pictures of our children playing with her, sleeping on her and everything in between. I just wanted to say "Thank you" for our Dory girl. Once our kids are a little older, we will be contacting you for another puppy so that Dory has a play mate. She loves other dogs as much as she loves people. Thanks again!
  • Emma & Shadow
    Hi, it's me Emma Nelson from Port Lions, Alaska. My dad Thomas Nelson had bought a puppy from you in 2001. I was sending you another update on what Shadow looks like. I'm not sure if I told you last time how many tricks he knows, but I'm going to tell you again if you didn't remember. He knows how to: sit, stay, lay down, roll over, back up, which hand, spin, jump through a hoop, play soccer, beg, itch him self on command, play dead, shake, leave it, and jump. I lost track of all the tricks he know, but this is most of them. He is a really good dog and loves to go swimming he but what lab doesn't? Shadow can even run up to 29mph! If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have him.
  • Terri, Paul & Denali Lincoln
    Hi Pamela, I was just wanting to touch base with you on one of the puppies we bought from you. Kiana was born on Jan. 29th and we picked her up on the 20th of March, they day after our daughters birthday. Kiana is our cabin pup and lives in White Mountain with my husband's dad. We recently brought her into Anchorage a couple weeks ago and she was spayed about 1 1/2 weeks ago. She is doing just fine. We have her here in Anchorage until the end of the month then she goes back to White Mountain. She is such a good girl. Very laid back and such a cuddler. She likes being right beside you at all times. She follows us around the house. She is a good ball retriever. She is just a gentle little girl. Everyone she meets just loves her.
  • Liz
    Hi Pamela, Just wanted to send you this and give you an update on the puppy. First off we finally decided on a name and it's Gunner. We really like it. He is doing very well and adjusting to his new life and schedule. We have been potty training him with the bell system and he already knows how to hit the bell with his nose and goes out to go potty. This is working great! He is a smart dog and very handsome and so cute! As you can see he is growing fast! We are enjoying every minute with him and are so happy to have him in our family. Thanks again for everything and I would love to keep in touch with you and just send you photos every now and then of Gunner. Take care and keep in touch.
  • Lee and Holly Comerford
    We got our lab from you in 2001 Sadie. We are military and were in Fairbanks when we got her. We look at your site often. We now live in Hampton, Virginia and have a 1 year old son. She is so good with him 🙂
  • Charity
    Twelve weeks old tomorrow. Growing like a weed. Most loving and mellow puppy ever. We are always getting compliments on how chill he is for his age. I am quite amazed myself.
  • The Gronley's
    Hi Pam, We are all moved in to our new house. Mayter loves it out here. He has a great yard to run around in. He is so great with our kids! Everyone who comes over and meets him says what a great dog he is. He fits in the family perfect. We have even been considering getting another. When/If we do we will be giving you a call. Send more pictures later. Thank you so much!
  • Carrie Sandin
    After our first week I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful puppy we have. He is delightful and goes everywhere with us. Even the cats like him! He has never tried to chase them so they come sit near him now. His name is “Zealand” but we call him “Fatty Crumbcakes.”
  • Beth Funk
    Pam, Venny (a.k.a. Adventure) has grown into quite a handsome dog. He is admired throughout the neighborhood during his many walks. He has several dog friends that he loves to play with and hasn’t met anyone yet that he doesn’t like. I thought you’d like a couple of pictures.
  • Jocelyn Friedman
    Hi Pam, Maggie, who I got from your Countess/Bentley litter, just turned a year old. Maggie is the most wonderful companion, I absolutely adore her and can not imagine life without her.
  • The Comerfords
    We just wanted to send you some pictures of our Sadie girl. She turned 10 yesterday!!!! We had a little party for her. I just can't thank you enough for breeding such a great pup! Thanks again!
  • Rod Mitchell
    Hi Pam, Just want to give you a quick update on our new family member. ‘Tiller’ is an absolute joy! She adapts very quickly to new surroundings and seems to be quite intelligent. She has only whined for her old playmates the first couple of days, but she is finding new friends in her new neighborhood. Thanks for breeding excellent dogs, and I hope you still continue to do so. You may be getting inquiries about new litters as a lot of people at work have been getting an earful/eyeful about your wonderful dogs.
  • DeEtta and Chad Carl
    Just wanted to let you know we think you're doing a wonderful and responsible job with your breeding. We have a dog walking business in Anchorage and have walked 3 dogs that came from you all.....Venny, Maggie, and Otto (I saw Venny and Maggie on your testimonials). Venny was the first of the 3 that we walked and he's always been one of our favorites!! All our walkers adore him and everyone always says what a wonderful temperament he has. Then we met Maggie and right away I knew she must be related to Venny (especially after I walked her the first time!). They look very much alike but more importantly, she also has that same great temperament that we've loved so much in Venny (and we found out that they were, in fact, litter mates). We walk hundreds of dogs in Anchorage and work with many dogs that have behavioral issues....aggression, fear, etc. We do a lot of socializing fearful or aggressive dogs so they can learn to live a more balanced and happy life. Dogs like Maggie and Venny are the PERFECT dogs to help us do the job because they understand when they need to ignore a dog or when it's ok to say hello. I took Maggie with me today to help a dog who has been having some dog aggression issues and hasn't been able to be around other dogs in a really long time. Though we do our introductions very carefully and slowly, after just a couple of days, Maggie was helping this dog soooo much (showing her that she didn't have to freak out when saw other dogs and that she can actually have doggie friends!) and they were giving each other kisses by the end of our walk 🙂 Dogs like Maggie and Venny have helped so many dogs that we walk just by being good role models. We attribute this to good owners and a very good breeder, who understands how important it is to breed for good temperament 🙂 We wish there were more out there like you all cause we would love to have about 50 more clients like Maggie and Venny!!! They are truly a pleasure to take care of. Keep up the good work.

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